The Bodies of Mothers – a book redefining beauty

Jade Beall's beautiful body project

The above image has spawned a movement – bringing women together to celebrate their bodies. Bodies that change throughout the course of a life, but remain ever-beautiful. Click through to see more enlightening images, and learn more about A Beautiful Body Project.

The image at the top of the post was taken by photographer Jade Beall, who says she has no idea what she was starting when she posted the photo of her friend. Through sharing the image she realised there are women all over the world who want to share the stories of their bodies.

black and white photo of mum and baby post-birth Jade Beall

Beautiful bodies – photography of real bodies post birth

What started as a small gesture turned into a flood of emails, and now, the first element of A Beautiful Body Project, a book. The Bodies of Mothers will contain more than one hundred black-and-white photos of mothers, with their stories about their journeys, dealing with feeling beautiful in a culture which has a warped sense of beauty. It’s a concept  which captures women’s attention, as evidence when we wrote about The Shape of a Mother – a site dedicated to showing real mothers’ bodies.

Jade Beall's beautiful body project

After the release of the first book, there are plans to continue with further volumes, exploring women who are ageing, dealing with cancer, eating disorders and more.

Jade Beall's beautiful body project

You can buy The Bodies of Mothers directly from A Beautiful Body Project for US$60 plus shipping.

(Images – Jade Beall Photography)

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