The adorable childhood soft toy idea to steal for your kids… and grandkids!



If you have a baby on the way, or very small children, you need to do this for them, and your future grandchildren. It’s a beautiful idea – I wish I’d thought of this when my kids were born!

Babies are often inundated with soft toys when they’re born – it’s the go-to new baby gift. Once they’re old enough to want a cuddly comforter at bedtime, there’s usually one toy that becomes a favourite. If this is the case with your kids – go out and buy a second soft toy, exactly the same. Put it somewhere safe. This is why…

In 1985, an American mother bought her newborn son two identical teddy bears. One was for him to hold, love and grow up with. The other was placed in storage, for his future children. How adorable is that? According to Bored Panda, a picture of the reunited teddies was recently uploaded to Reddit – and it’s achingly beautiful. A 30-year-old teddy, threadbare with all the hallmarks of a childhood of adventures. And a pristine replica, ready to embark on the same with the owner’s first born. This is the description, posted by the man’s younger brother, that accompanied the image:

“When my brother was born in 1985, my mother purchased two identical teddy bears. The one on the left has been my brother’s for 30 years, the one on the right has been kept in storage for my brother’s first child who was born today”.

The brother says the teddy had  “been on many vacations, gotten soaked in pool water time and time again, and got lost on a theme park ride at Disney World. It has certainly seen a lot”.

Bored Panda then invited readers to submit their own identical childhood teddies images.


These belong to twin brothers born in 1992, one of which has been wheelchair bound since childhood.


A much-loved 33 year-old friend and a new version purchased by the owner’s pop for the owner’s new baby son.


A proud teddy owner with his childhood buddy, and a much newer version.


Another demonstration of teddy love spanning many years.


What do you think of this adorable idea? Would you like to do it for your children?

(via Bored Panda)


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