The $200 baby shopping challenge – could you do it?

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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be given free rein in a store to buy whatever you liked? That’s just what we offered to 30 Babyology mums, but with a twist…

The #happybabiesrus Shopping Challenge

What was this challenge? Essentially – it was a fun scavenger hunt with someone else’s money – $200 from Babies “R” Us, to be exact. And 20 of our reader mums took to it with gusto.


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A one-stop baby shop challenge

Our scavenger hunt shoppers were tasked with a mission – to find out how easy it was to pick up everything they needed for their little ones in just one destination – their local Babies “R” Us. 

They needed to buy something from three out of four of the categories below, all essentials for life with a baby.

Something for happy travels

Something for happy dreams (sleeping)

Something for happy tummies (feeding)

Something for happy mums and dads!


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We asked them how they found their experience too (apart from fun, obviously) – and overwhelmingly they were really positive about their interactions with staff, and how it easy it was to find everything they were looking for. That’s important when you’re on a hunt, especially with kids in tow!

Nikita had this to say about her experience:

5 STARS!! Absolutely perfect! Everything was super easy to find, staff were very friendly, helpful on product knowledge & able to recommend products that I wouldn’t have thought of. Felt very welcome in the store, didn’t feel like I was rushed or anything. I’ll definitely be going back in store to make future purchases.


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Our shoppers were particularly impressed with the range on offer – remarking that it was a relief to be able to get everything they needed in one stop, and that they were pleasantly surprised by how far their $200 stretched. 

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How did they manage it with other kids in tow? Like this:


Artie staying entertained at @babiesrusaustralia this morning = more shopping time for me 👌🏻 #happybabiesrus @babyology

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This is just some of their swag, of course! Check out the whole lot by searching #happybabiesrus on Instagram.

(This is a sponsored post for Babies “R” Us)

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