The 10 apps all pregnant mums and new parents need on their phones

As soon as you receive confirmation that you are expecting a little one, you can expect a lot of things to change, starting with your phone applications. Clear some room for these essential pregnancy and newborn apps.

We’ve done the rounds and discovered 10 of the best apps for all stages of your pregnancy journey and for all needs once bub is out, from timing your contractions to packing for a long weekend away with baby. Come and see what apps made the official Babyology list for best new parent apps in 2015.

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There are heaps of apps out there for tracking your pregnancy but we love My Pregnancy Today the best. You can easily track your baby’s growth on a daily or weekly basis and the photos of your baby’s development each week are realistic and beautiful.

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For finding the right baby name, you can’t go wrong with Baby Names!!, a simple and free app to help you narrow down your search for the right name.
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For monitoring baby’s movement, Fetal Movement Monitor is an excellent choice to help reassure mums that everything is okay by allowing you to track kicks and movements.

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If you’re taking bets on the due date and gender of bub, then you need Baby Pool – The Pregnancy Guessing Game on your phone. Invite friends to guess on bub’s sex and birth date and keep track of the results.

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Contraction timer applications are a dime a dozen as well. And most likely you will only need it for the last stages of your pregnancy. But Full Term is not only a contraction timer – it also allows you to track kicks and includes a fitness and nutrition tracker as well.

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For monitoring your new baby’s routine, Baby Connect is one of the best baby tracking application around. Track feedings, expressing, nappy changes, sleep, moods, milestones, medicines and much more.

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One of the best baby monitor apps on the market is Baby Monitor 3G which will work on an unlimited range and on any network; however, you do need 2 iOS devices (one with bub and one with you). But it gets better… because Baby Monitor 3G also has two-way audio communication, you can talk to bub from another room.

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Once you have a little one in tow, it may seem like you need to pack up half the house any time you walk out the front door. Baby Pack & Go Packing List has you sorted… literally. The app contains ready-made packing lists of baby and toddler items you won’t want to forget. You can use their pre-made packing lists or make your own.


To keep track of your baby’s milestones and special moments, Sweet Baby is an excellent digital image and video application. You can create digital baby books, share them through social media and even export the pages to PDF to print.

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What about helping bub to sleep? Baby Sleep Lullabies is a great sleep saver which includes 21 lullabies, designed to help lure baby to sleep.

What apps do you recommend for new mums and mums-to-be?

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