This is what happened when I let my preschooler choose my outfits

What would happen if you gave your child free range to dress you? Would your little one select sensible outfits for each occasion or let her true personality show in her selection??

We decided to test out this little experiment ourselves using my own very colourful and always spunky three-year-old daughter Jade as our Babyology stylist. I gave her instructions on where I was going and what I was doing to help her choose the right outfit.

And here are the shockingly awful results…

Last year we featured a post on a mum who let her son choose what she wore during the week. The little man didn’t do that bad of a job which made us think that our own offspring might be able to pull off the same result.

We were wrong.

This, mums and dads, is what my preschooler came up with.

Active Wear: what mummy should wear when she goes for a run


Mummy usually wears Lycra shorts, running shoes and a tank top to run. But Jade thinks I need to switch it up a little bit. She did select my running shoes, but paired them with skinny jeans and a white dress to mark the occasion.

She requested that I wear my hair like “Anna” and she was persistent that socks were not required. Don’t even ask about the tennis racquet.

Casual Wear:  what mummy should wear when we play


Jade selected my favourite Wayne Cooper dress and paired it with fluffy slippers.

Sorry Wayne.

Date Night: what mummy should wear when she goes out after dinner


“Mummy doesn’t go out after dinner.” And thus, she selected this striking onesie and a cape.

Work Wear: what mummy should wear when she goes to the office


Jade paired a royal blue shirt (which I do wear for work) with quite possibly the daggiest pair of boxer shorts she could find (hidden at the very bottom of my pyjama drawer).  But she did finish the outfit off with a decent pair of heels.

And a baseball hat.

Give it a go with your little ones Babylogists! I promise it will be fun!


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