Thank You Star Car Wash

You may think this is an odd post but I want to give a shout out to Star Car Wash.

I had my car washed there last week and got home to realise my swipe pass for my building was not in the compartment of the car door where I usually keep it.  I immediately went on the defensive and called the car wash after managing to get into my apartment and said they must have dropped it out of the car, vacuumed it or misplaced it while washing the car. I expected no help whatsoever and really was just venting to the person on the phone.

Ten minutes later the car wash called me back to say they had gone through the vacuum cleaners, found it and would bring it to my house!

If only service was this good when dealing with other aspects of life. They really went above and beyond. It’s fine for people to make mistakes but it’s the way they handle them that makes you go back time and time again.

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