Nearly-NSFW newborn pic reminds us to think before we post to social media

Newborn bub in exposing postpartum pic

People are keen to know just what the story behind this revealing shot is, and which genius posted it online without noticing this poor mum was flashing more than a cheesy grin!

“Say cheese!”

Perhaps you’ve been here? Excited to have finally birthed that baby after all those long months, brimming with pride – and maybe begging the birthing suite staff to snap that all-important first shot?

Or perhaps you’re not the parent who carried the baby, but are equally, urgently keen to capture your tiny offspring and share them with the world?

You might relate to the photo below…  Not only does this pic capture the thrill of meeting a new little person for the very first time, it kind of sums up what can happen to women once they’ve had a baby. #WontSomeoneThinkOfTheMums?!

Like when you see it 😂

Posted by Bubs Warehouse International on Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mums matter!

Where pregnancy is often very mum-focused (at least the first time around) once that baby shows up all eyes shift to the newborn, with women often languishing in the background, hoping someone will notice they’re going through some things.

Granted, not all mums are flat on their backs, legs akimbo like this poor lady, but they very often do feel a little ignored and unimportant as those early weeks of parenthood whiz by.

Not only does this photo remind us to think – and ask – before we post, it reminds us that we need to make sure that mums AND babies are nicely sorted, post-birth.

Of course this image is just a snippet in time, and there was probably a midwife or doctor just out of frame, caring beautifully for this mum. Still… the fact that this photo wasn’t deleted or kept private proves that someone, somewhere was not really focused on the baby-growing mama marvel in question. Perhaps they’d been up all night supporting her through labour. Perhaps they were just so excited they snapped and shared without a thought.  It’s hard to know.

“She was only half-way out”

Commenters under the photo – which was censored and then shared on Facebook by Bubs Warehouse International – could relate to this postpartum whoopsie.

Some said it was proud-as-punch grandparents who were responsible for accidental nudie pics being shared.

“Hahahahahaha this happened to me with my son. My mum did the picture of my son on the weighing table thingy all focused on him not realising and put it on Facebook without realising. Yep I was in the photo!” One follower wrote.

“This actually was my mum, she got camera happy in the delivery room [with my] beautiful newborn baby and completely forgetting my gina was out. Thankfully it didn’t make fb it did get printed at the photographers though,” another posted.

Sometimes, it was the mum in question who was so excited to share her baby with the world, she forgot her ladybits were being premiered, too…! Or maybe she was just really, really tired

“I was so excited with my first that I showed everyone the very first picture that was taken straight after she was born (a friend took it). I was really hurt that people looked disgusted or would turn their heads away straight away I didn’t understand why… It wasn’t until a few weeks later when I was going through photos and lifted the photo up, upside-down, that I realized she was only half-way out (the photo was a close up.) How on earth I didn’t notice that I don’t know, but everyone saw everything. I was completely mortified haha,” one frazzled mum said.

Oh man! Has this ever happened to you? Who shared the pic and what happened next?! Let us know via Facebook!

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