Testing Times

 I’m a double-shot coffee drinker from way back, but when I found out I was expecting, I switched to decaf to protect my little one from becoming a caffeine addict like her mum.

But several times I’ve walked away from my morning cuppa buzzing like I’ve been up all night at a rave, and highly suspicious that my friendly barista was giving me a not-so-friendly message about what he thought of my ‘weak decaf skim flat white’ order.

Think your barista might be doing the same? Keep a box of D+caf Test Strips from Discover Testing in your bag and get ready to send your coffee back! For US$9.95 you get a box of 20 strips to insert in your beverage which will tell you if there is more than 20mg of caffeine present.

Of course, you might look a little crazy ranting and waving your positive testing stick around at the cafe, but hey, sometimes it’s all about winning! Check out Gizmodo for more information.

Pack of D+Caf Strips

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