Testing the new Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum

dyson dc35 digital slim vacuum

I’ve recently fallen completely in love with the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum. With two kids and floorboards all over the house, I already need to vacuum most mornings after breakfast.

I have officially disposed of my large vacuum cleaner as the Dyson Digital Slim gives me fifteen minutes of high suction with one battery cycle. My four and five-year-old’s can use it as well because it’s light and easy to manoeuvre, so that’s another bonus. They actually fight over who gets to vacuum which part of the house!

I’ve always loved Dyson products as their design and functionality are both so appealing. The company understands what it takes to make a really useful household item and instinctively knows how to make it look so lovely.

I already owned a Dyson handheld, which is terrific for small areas but not for a quick vac zap over an entire house because you have to bend down to use it. You might ask if Dyson plan to sell the wand as an add-on for those who already own a Dyson handheld, but I’ve asked this question for you and Dyson has responded. The DC35 handsticks have electrical points on the main body where the wand connects to the handheld unit, this allows the power to run through the wand to the floor tool, an essential feature which is not available on the other handhelds.

dyson dc35 vacuum

I can highly recommend getting yourself the DC35 Digital Slim Vacuum, if only for its cordless, go-anywhere capabilities.

This is now the most powerful cordless vacuum on the market to boast a Dyson digital motor. The detachable long-reach wand cleans pretty much anywhere and is ideal for the floors, stairs, furniture or inside the car.  The dual power mode gives fifteen minutes constant high suction or six minutes on max power for tougher cleans.

You can buy one online for $439 (negotiable) at Bing Lee. Please see our past Dyson editorial, as we are all fans over here.

dyson dc35 digital slim vacuum cleaning dust

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