Tessell – beauty and dual-functionality


There’s quite an elaborate spiel on the distributor’s exhibitor page about
Tessell and it’s benefits for kids in developing spatial ability. For those of you not familiar with the term, tessellating is forming small squares or blocks into floors, pavements, or mats.

An innovative Korean company has designed the Tessell to be not
only a beautiful floor mat which children put together themselves, but
also a ride-on toy, stage, or set of large dominoes. I think they’re so beautiful and imaginative, and such an inspiring departure from the usual take on tessellations. And they’re sure to be a winner with kids, who seem to have an innate interest in tessellating as it’s so hands on, creative, and visually stimulating.

My favourite is the Elf Tessell, which is the one you can play like dominoes. My boys would just love doing this, although I doubt they could wait until it’s all set up before wanting to knock them down. It’s a bonus that it happens to also go with our largely black and white decor. There are flowers and a forest scene and the Animal Tesell allows you to make a ride-on horse and what looks like a chicken and a crab. Just look at the beautiful illustrative interpretation of that design below!

We don’t yet know if and when they will be available in Australia, but we’ll update you when we find an option for purchasing. In the meantime, peruse the different sets from the
100% Design trade fair site.
And check out the Tessell in action at this
Trade Fair
and this one. Amazing!


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