Teresa Palmer says she won’t talk about post-baby weight loss – ever!

Teresa Palmer and family

We’ve been crushing on actor and mum Teresa Palmer for quite some time, but her latest comments about post-baby weight loss, following the birth of her second bub, have unequivocally confirmed our TP Fan Club status.


Tiny Forest

Baby Forest Sage Palmer was born on the December 12, weighing 8lb 4oz. He’s the second child for Teresa and her husband Mark Webber, and a baby brother for 2-year-old Bodhi.

Teresa returned to her blog, Your Zen Mama, this week to share details of the birth, life as a newly-minted family of four and how she was feeling, generally.



Mama zen

She’s an engaging and lovely writer across-the-board, but it was her thoughts on baby weight that had us nodding and high-fiving our phone’s tiny screen.

“I just want to mention that I’ve decided to not talk about post baby weight loss because of a few reasons,” Teresa wrote.

“Firstly I think there is already an unfair pressure on mothers to lose baby weight whether it’s self imposed pressure or societal pressure, I think it’s something that really shouldn’t be focused on as we embark on connecting with our babies.”

“Secondly, every woman’s body is completely different and will hold on to weight or lose weight at very different rates so drawing a state of comparison with someone isn’t going to serve us in anyway. The same way every baby and every birth is different so too are our bodies,” the actor said.



A new conversation

Teresa’s keen to shift the post-baby conversation in a different direction, hoping that we can celebrate and concentrate on health, rather than the size and shape of baby-birthing bodies.

“What we can focus on however is HEALTH and health isn’t dictated by a number on a scale. By health I mean making smart food and exercise choices to best support our bodies as we nurture our babies. Choosing whole food based nutrition and moving our bodies helps support nourishment of ourselves, our families and perhaps most importantly our minds,” the star wrote.

Of course, body shape postpartum is not a reliable indicator of a new mum’s health and happiness.

It’s great to see someone high-profile sharing these sentiments in such a gentle, yet articulate way.



Phenomenal bodies

Teresa’s encouraging mums to be kind to themselves, and ensure their inner voice is a supportive and compassionate one.

Baby weight should be much further down the list when it comes to postpartum health and happiness, in her view.

“It’s more important how we feel and how we cultivate self love and acceptance as opposed to getting down about losing baby weight.”

“We must be gentle with ourselves and remember how miraculous bringing a life in to the world is and how phenomenal our bodies are for having birthed these babies however they’ve decided to come earth side.”

We love her just a little bit more for promoting this self-accepting, health-focused approach.


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