10 of the best reads to rip into in 2018 (that aren’t baby books!)

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We know, it can be hard to get through an entire book when you have little ones but when you’re able to squeeze in the time there’s nothing better than curling up with a cosy read and a cuppa. So move over Netflix and all the hundreds of TV shows, here are 10 of our fave book picks for 2018.

Fitness Junkie

1. Fitness Junkie (Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza)

For all those new mums out there with no time to exercise, this hilarious novel is bound to make you laugh. An awesome send up of the health and wellness industry, protagonist Janey Sweet needs to lose weight immediately or lose her job. And she’ll try anything from free the nipple yoga classes to hard core booty camps and shunning carbs. Get ready to LOL! Angus & Robertson: RRP $29.99.

rich people problems

2. Rich People Problems (Kevin Kwan)

This is the third instalment in Kevin Kwan’s hilarious series following the ludicrously wealthy Young family from Singapore which started with Crazy Rich Asians and was followed by China Rich Girlfriend. This time Nicholas Young’s grandmother is on her deathbed and hysterical escapades ensue as everyone flocks to her side to ensure they get their cut of the inheritance. And if you needed even more incentive to get your Kwan on, his first book is being made into a film so make sure you get into all three stat! Penguin: RRP $29.99.

the break

3. The Break (Marian Keyes)

Ahh there’s nothing like some Marian Keyes to while away the hours (even when you should be catching up on your sleep!). Her latest novel The Break is not about falling in love, but staying in love. Amy’s husband Hugh wants a break, clearly it’s a midlife crisis, but it’s not all over yet. Will he come back and will they be the same people when he does? Penguin: RRP $19.99.

4. Unqualified (Anna Faris)

This frank and candid tell-all memoir from funny actress Anna Faris (with foreword by ex hubby Chris Pratt), is a spin-off from her ridiculously popular relationships advice podcast Unqualified and will give you a nice insight into the mum of one’s life and all the twists and turns that got her to where she is. Angus and Roberston: RRP $29.99.


5. Darker: Fifty Shades Darker as told by Christian (E L James)

This is the latest saucy instalment in the infamous Fifty Shades series by E.L. James so if you’re a fan of the Grey then sink your teeth into this one! A retelling of the events of the second book, but as told from Christian’s perspective, it delves a little deeper and darker as everyone’s favourite S&M billionaire recalls troubles from his childhood and struggles with his anguish over trying to win Ana back. A naughty slice of romance to help escape from the humdrum of nappies! Penguin: RRP $19.99

6. If I Die Before I Wake (Emily Koch)

One for all the crime and thriller buffs! Would you be able to solve your own murder? Alex is in a coma but unbeknownst to his friends and family he can hear everything going on, which is when he starts to suspect that the accident that put him there wasn’t an accident after all. An edge of the seat thriller by Emily Koch, it’s a race against time as Alex strives to solve the crime before they let him go. Penguin: RRP $32.99.

7. It’s All Good (Cassie-Mendoza Jones)

This non-fiction book could be a welcome relief for all those struggling mamas out there looking for a spark of positivity among all the milk feeds and munchkin madness. It’s All Good – How to trust and surrender to the bigger plan by Cassie-Mendoza Jones is a great reminder that we’re on the right path, even when we might not be feeling it. Hay House: RRP $18.99.

8. Faking Friends (Jane Fallon)

We all love a good romp about besties really being boyfriend stealing backstabbing b#tches right? That’s what happens in Jane Fallon’s wickedly funny novel about a woman called Amy who thinks she knows her best friend Melissa well but as it turns out she’s been getting to know her future husband a bit better. And to make things worse Amy loses her job AND her house. Disaster! Penguin: RRP $32.99.

9. Secret Women’s Business (Patsy Rowe)

Featuring over 150 interviews with women from all walks of life, Secret Women’s Business: How to get it all and keep it by Patsy Rowe, will help inspire you to achieve your dreams even with kids to look after and without losing your sanity in the process. With practical advice covering everything from dating and divorce to kids and careers, it will help you get your focus back on track. New Holland: RRP $24.99.

10. Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies (Kitty Flanagan)

One of Australia’s funniest female entertainers, Kitty Flanagan, is letting it all rip in her hilarious new book offering advice she’s gathered over the years from all the funny and true experiences that have happened to her – such as being locked in an industrial freezer in WA and being insulted about the size of her lady parts in Singapore. From tips on how not to get murdered when backpacking to why women aged 37 to 42 should be banned from internet dating, Kitty will give you all the advice you didn’t even know you needed, and it’s funny as hell. Allen and Unwin: RRP $29.99 (April 2018).

What good books are you reading right now?!

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