Tegu’s new Circuit Racer car zooms kids into the future

Tegu, maker of magnetic wooden blocks have totally changed the game with the Future Circuit Racer.

Tegu purports to make “simple” wooden blocks, but kits like the Future Circuit Racer are anything but simple. All Tegu blocks are embedded with a magnet, and blocks from the original collections are proportionately related. That means two cubes are the length of one long plank, the candy bar is the length of three cubes. These relationships make building symmetrically easy.

Tegu Circuit Racer - Monkey

The Future Circuit Racer has four plank pieces plus eight more unique pieces to make up an electric car set with a charging station and magnetic plug. It runs on the most powerful fuel of all: imagination.

Tegu Circuit Racer Pieces


Like all Tegu sets, kids can make the standard creation or something totally different: a three wheel racer, robot monkey creature, a crane or anything that pops into their wild little minds.

Tegu Circuit Racer - Crane

Tegu Future Circuit Racer and plenty of other Tegu sets are available locally at Good to Play.


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