Teen turns 3-year-old brother into clown from “It” and you’ll never sleep again

Child dressed up as Pennywise

Teens these days, eh? While some people are busy insisting that the youth of today are an indulged bunch of time-wasters, the actual youth of today are being geniuses, weaving creative magic, being their best selves – and scaring the heck out of us in the process. Hurrah for millennials!

Living his best life

Take young Eagan Tilghman for instance. The 17-year-old wasn’t content to spend endless hours doing whatever some snarky cynics say lazy millennials do (getting trophies for breathing and medals for getting out of bed, or something?).

Instead, he decided to transform his creative vision into terrifying and awe-inspiring reality, transforming his pre-school aged brother, Louie, into one of the most feared characters of all time. Stephen King’s Pennywise clown character, from It

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Front porch step.

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“I’m proud to say these are perfect”

“I think it took less than half-an-hour,” Eagan told his local newspaper, The Meridian Star when quizzed about how long the costume and make-up took to put together. He said photographing Louie in various locations and poses was the more time-consuming bit. (And go Louie! These photos are great and you and Eagan obviously make a rad team!)

Eagan’s imagining of Stephen King’s famous Pennywise clown is no case of beginners luck or jumping on the clown bandwagon, rather it’s the embodiment of an approach to life that he’s super committed to.

He explains that while his creative output doesn’t always match his vision, this time the two meshed perfectly and he’s heartened by the fact that the Pennywise pics are a true reflection of his creative self.

“Just wanted to put these out there one more time to explain, this is my mind. Like it’s very rare for me to be able to put my artistic vision out there and it be portrayed correctly. My pictures never really look like I want them to. Don’t get me wrong, I love creepy clowns but my mind isn’t just scary clowns and unsettling images. But the creativity in my head almost feels like it flows off of my fingertips. You can see an image and feel things with it, and I’m proud to say these are perfect, therefore they’re a perfect little glimpse into how I see the world.”

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I drew pennywise the dancing clown.

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Creative drive

Just when you thought all the kids were taking selfies and goofing off on Snapchat at 3am, this ace kid reminds us that those stereotypes are a load of bollocks.

Eagan’s work has been influenced by some of his parent’s favourite films:

“Most of the things that I liked were movies that my parents would show me, like the original Karate Kid, Labyrinth, ET, Star Wars,” Eagan said, revealing that he’s pretty into Jim Henson’s original Muppets as well. #ParentingDoneRight

“You could say I draw or paint, but I guess my real talent could be that I’m good at putting whatever’s in my head out there like I want to at the time. If you look at anything that I’ve done, creating is the main word that could be used to describe all of it,” he summed up.

Not only is this kid really talented, he’s following his own creative path – with his parents’ support – and inspiring us (also… scaring us!) along the way.

What a total champ.

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Gotta get to reading.

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Just wanted to put these out there one more time to explain, this is my mind. Like it's very rare for me to be able to…

Posted by Eagan Tilghman on Friday, 25 August 2017



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