Taronga Zoo’s iPhone app – Monkey Mayhem

taronga zoo parent room

taronga zoo iphone app

Ah Taronga Zoo in the summertime! Throngs of people marvelling at all creatures great and small, excited children in their element and of course that baby elephant.

We were there to see it all and also to try out Taronga Zoo’s iPhone app for kids aged five to twelve. It’s a very good start to things when the app is free, available in a jiffy from the iTunes store. Here’s the blurb from Taronga’s Monkey Mayhem webpage:

Meet Marley in “Taronga Zoo – Monkey Mayhem”. He’s been left in charge of Zoo HQ. Trouble is, the Monkeys have got in and really messed things up! They’ve lost pages from the Zoo manual and without this no one at the Zoo knows what to do! Every page is meant to have a photo and important information about each animal. Help Marley get the Zoo Manual back together by following him around the Zoo to take new photos and find information about the animals, while unlocking secret keeper notes, videos and animal sounds!

Off we went around the zoo to find the missing animals. The handy GPS map ensured we never got lost although my five-year-old did need a fair bit of guidance to navigate us around – it was a great mapping exercise from an educational point of view. We managed to unlock some of the missing animals’ pages by taking the photos and we’ll save the rest for next time.

taronga zoo parent room

If you don’t finish you can find the secret unlock codes to get to the information! Older kids will love exploring every part of the app and discovering interesting facts about the animals at the zoo and it will be particularly useful for regular zoo-goers as it gives the kids something new to do and follow up on with each visit. The brand new parents’ room (above) is an absolute must-see with its custom-made walls and wooden tree features.

For a guide on how to use the Monkey Mayhem iPhone app, see the video below and in no time they’ll be hot on the trail of the missing information! Download for free from iTunes and read all about the app at the Taronga Zoo website.

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