Tame wayward spaghetti with the Rolognese children’s fork


Novelty item or genius? You be the judge.

My children love spaghetti and would happily slurp it up every night. But those delicious, yet slippery worms of pasta often defeat them. So often in fact, I’ve resorted to utterly shaming my Mediterranean heritage by cutting their spaghetti into manageable pieces and allowing them to scoop it with a spoon. The horror. I’m not sure my boys would have the dexterity or deft touch required to master this groovy little utensil, but I love the concept.


The Rolognese Spaghetti Fork by Donkey is a technical solution to the problem. Sit the wooden-handled fork in the spaghetti and turn the handle – like magic the spaghetti curls around the fork, not too much mess or fuss (and a bit of fun).


It’s available in pink and blue from Donkey for €9.95, and worldwide shipping is available. Try them with our toddler-pleasing recipe for rainbow spaghetti!

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