Taking the lunch box to a new level

Sandwich art by David Laferriere

Sandwich art by David Laferriere

I always imagined that my children’s lunch boxes would be a thing of beauty to behold – that every morning I would exercise my creative instinct with healthy, but also beautiful, lunches; that I would be greeted on their return from school with expressions of delight at the effort and love I had expended. I didn’t take into account that I might produce fussy eaters, and that there isn’t much you can do when the request for a honey sandwich on white bread never, ever varies.

Unless you’re arty – in which case you can do exactly what David Laferriere has been doing every school day since 2008, with evidence to prove it on his Flickr page. Each day he draws a quick picture on his children’s lunch bags, straight after making them, and then pops them away in the lunch boxes for a lunchtime surprise. If you’re looking for some lunch inspiration, you can check out his extensive collection, all penned with that great artistic medium, the Sharpie.

And speaking of dads who take a great idea and run with it (for AGES!), I couldn’t help also remembering a past post about a dad who dressed up to wave goodbye to his teenage son’s bus every morning for a year. What about you? Do you have any traditions in your family that you’ve managed to keep going for a long time? We’d love to know!

(via Gizmodo)

Sandwich Art - David Laferriere


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