Take a sneak peek at new breastfeeding documentary – Lactaboobiphobia

Breastfeeding in public is totally accepted, embraced and encouraged by all facets of society, right? Wrong. Very, very wrong. And this new documentary, launched in Melbourne this week, sheds light on the continued struggle to normalise public breastfeeding. And here’s your chance to get a sneak peek.

Lactation consultant and mum Meg Nagle, better known as The Milk Meg, penned a blog post about a little known, but oft enacted trait she labelled Lactaboobiphobia. This fear of the breastfeeding boobs attracted the attention of producer Anna Kaplan, who is creating a series of films known as The Booby Trap. It resulted in a documentary that aims to shed light on the continued vilification of women who breastfeed in public.


“I have three boys and have breastfed them all (currently feeding my youngest boy still) and over the nine years that I’ve been breastfeeding I have fed my boys in almost every public space you can imagine,” Meg tells Babyology.

“When my middle boy was just one week old I was asked to go breastfeed him in the toilet while I was eating in a cafe. The owner obviously did not like the fact that I was breastfeeding in his cafe so asked that I head down the hall to the disgusting public toilet and feed him in there. I don’t want anyone else to have this same experience.”

Meg explains that making the film confirmed what she’d already suspected: the sexualisation of breasts has seriously impacted our belief about what breasts are actually for – and we can’t pinpoint how this has happened.

“Lactaboobiephobia is something that not only non-breastfeeding people have. Breastfeeding women struggle with it as well and feel self-conscious when breastfeeding in public. While there are stories in the media frequently about breastfeeding in public, what gets lost in this is the message on how much women struggle on a day to day basis with the simple act of breastfeeding in public,” she says. Here is the trailer:

The film’s producer, Anna, also struggled when breastfeeding her child, thus prompting her decision to make films for The Booby Trap series. You can find out more over at their Facebook page.


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