Take care of your baby’s delicate skin with the Earth Friendly Baby range

Bathing your baby isn’t rocket science but it can feel that way, especially the first few times. Do you use a baby bath or the regular shower? How can you reach into those chubby cracks and crevices without making your baby uncomfortable? Is there any way to help reduce the risk of dry skin from harsh chemicals or toxins to your baby’s sensitive skin?

While bathing your baby is something you get the hang of with time and experience, choosing the right bath products is something that you can get right the first time around, especially with the Earth Friendly Baby range.

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The internationally award winning Earth Friendly Baby range comes from the makers of Lansinoh, a name that needs no further explanation to thankful breastfeeding mums everywhere! Earth Friendly Baby includes a selection of natural and organic toiletries that are similarly gentle on your children’s delicate skin. With no parabens, no SL/SLES, no artificial fragrances and no harsh detergents, Earth Friendly Baby products are quickly becoming a favourite for new mums around Australia.

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What makes the Earth Friendly Baby range such a crowd pleaser? It could be the beautiful natural aromatic scents such as Soothing Chamomile, Calming Lavender, Happy Mandarin and Shea Butter. It could be their hypo-allergenic properties, designed especially for babies with delicate and sensitive skin.

One mum from Sydney told Babyology, “The Bubble Bath is gentle on my baby’s skin and the lack of chemicals means it provides real peace of mind for every parent, too.”

“I LOVE this stuff!” another Sydney mum told us. “I got some at my baby shower and it’s so gentle and smells great!”

Or, it could be that the Earth Friendly Baby range is not only for babies – it’s perfect for the entire family. With great value-sized bottles, organic Earth Friendly Baby really is the most affordable natural choice for you and your baby.

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While choosing when, where and how often to bathe your baby all comes down to personal preference, choosing the right bath product all comes down to the comfort and protection of your baby.

If you notice your baby has dry skin, eczema, cradle cap or other skin conditions, try swapping your current soap for something organic and more gentle. The Earth Friendly Baby range isn’t the only range of baby toiletries on the market, but it is one of the only ones that is Ecocert Certified, free of artificial fragrances and harsh detergents and recommended by countless mums.

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