We found them! The cutest animal-themed kids’ coats in the entire universe

Little Goodall Bunny Coat

Soon enough, the days will be getting shorter and the mornings crisper. This is excellent news for the little animal admirer in your life!


Left: Little Goodall Lion Coat – $170 US/Right: Little Goodall Snowshoe Bunny Coat – $170 US

Winter is coming!

Not only will it soon be cool enough to play outside without melting into a pool of perspiration, it will be chilly enough to wear coats. Blinking adorable animal coats, even! Yes! The good folk at Little Goodall have the very thing. Their beautifully crafted coats for kids combine excellent workmanship with delightful whimsy and are guaranteed to spark little imaginations.

This company have been making beautiful things for children for around a decade, but their latest cosy range might just be their best yet. Because just look at them!

Little Goodall Unicorn coat

Little Goodall Magical unicorn coat – $200 US

Cosy little creatures

Crafted from smooth and soft merino wool, these coats are handmade with love in Texas. It’s fair to say that they’re pretty much the opposite of the outerwear you’ll find in your average chain store. They sport the cutest little details and feature design elements your child is sure to adore. 

They feature heaps of useful pockets, sleeves cleverly tailored for movement and cosy lining for extra warmth. Plus there’s those excellently trimmed hoods that transform your child into something completely different (and fluffy!)

Little Goodall coats range in price from $170 US through to $200 and are sized from 12 months up to 10 years, depending on the style.

Your little one can choose from a whole bunch of sweet animal styles. Think bunnies, donkeys, deer, unicorns, dinosaurs, lions and even adorable llamas. It’s basically a costume in a coat and we are all for this genius idea. Choosing will surely be the trickiest bit!


Little Goodall coats

Little Goodall Frolicsome fawn coat – $170 US

Little Goodall Snowshoe rabbit girls coat – $170 US

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