Taga Bike Pram – the new way to get around


This is a product that just had to happen, and now that it has, it’s love at first sight for me. Meet
Taga’s bike/pram, a show-stopping vehicle that combines bicycling
with toting children around in a way that hasn’t been seen before. It’s a stroller with a removable bike on the back and it can be configured to be a single or double pram… or bike! Parents of two will be very excited about this one as the doubles market is so lacking.

Imagine getting fit while your baby sleeps, out and about in the fresh
air! Baby can see the world, and you can get some sanity-saving exercise. This would be perfect to take on my local bike track. If I could take both boys easily, I’d be out there every day. For the skeptics, yes there are two recline positions on the seat, so baby can nap in comfort. It also changes from bike to stroller mode in seconds, so you can truly take it anywhere, anytime.

The plans for expanding its versatility will astound and delight – have a leaf through the product section of the Taga website. Not content
to ‘just’ be a bike, stroller and double stroller, the Taga’s future
options include Maxi Cosi portability, full shopping cart mode,
and lastly, a wooden double seat mode for those with children who no longer require a stroller seat! I could go on and and on about the specs, like front wheel disc brakes and alloy frame, but you really need to read over them yourselves to get an idea of the quality of this product.

This is one top-end design purchase you can legitimately justify –
a machine that can be passed to teens for a quick getabout when
you need something from the local shops. You can save on fuel and time
and increase your fitness. It’s times like these I feel more
than a little envious of those living in Europe, where the Taga will soon be available in bike and baby stores in orange, red, green and cyan. I can just see the line ups when they do. If they price them right, Taga
will head up a transportation revolution!

(Via Minor Details)


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