T-shirts that teach ñ Learning Tees

When is a t-shirt more than just a t-shirt? When it’s a Learning Tee! Cluey clothing company Learning Tees has
taken clothes and the way we use them outside the square with these super-soft organic cotton shirts.

Each tee features your choice of letter of the alphabet as well as its very own fact tag. This can be used to
look up a website which offers information about the t-shirt’s image, and a colouring sheet of the same word to download.

When you buy a Learning Tee, it’s not just a piece of clothing. It’s an opportunity to spark your child’s interest
in seeking facts. These aren’t just ordinary well-known facts either. Looking up ëR is for Robot’ I discovered that
hurricane scientists send small robots into hurricanes to gather data. Your child will want to investigate every
letter of the alphabet with such unusual tidbits on offer!

Packaged in a box that matches the shirt, Learning Tees ships internationally and are priced at US$29 each.

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