Sydney mum delivers second twin, 31 days after the first

mum and baby hands

Sydney mum Danielle Paull has been gifted the best Christmas gift of all time! She just gave birth to her second twin – a healthy baby boy – a whopping 31 days after her first twin – a now-thriving little girl – entered the world.

A month apart

You might remember we wrote about Danielle  and family a month or so ago?

The new mum had a really difficult pregnancy. She began dilating at 19 weeks and doctors advised her that she’d almost certainly lose one baby.

Miraculously, Danielle managed to hang on until the 24 week mark and birthed baby Sadie on October 26, weighing a tiny 710g.

With the expert care of staff at Randwick’s Royal Hospital for Women, the other twin remained safely tucked away, awaiting a more suitable delivery date (and giving him some time to grow up just a little more).

Delayed internal delivery

This rare phenomenon is known as delayed internal delivery and it’s meant that Danielle was able to give birth to her second twin, baby Harley, a whole month after the first!

The Southern Courier broke the news late last week, saying that the family were enjoying getting acquainted far from prying eyes.

“This was the first pregnancy for Ms Paull and her graphic designer husband Matthew and they are currently enjoying spending time getting to know their twin babies away from the media spotlight,” The Southern Courier’s Rebecca Franks reported.

Cooked a bit more

Because Sadie and Harley each had their own sac and placenta, genius doctors were able to cap the first delivery to one twin only, leaving the second some extra precious weeks in-utero to mature.

Second-twin Harley is apparently doing really well and weighed a little over a kilo at birth – much chunkier than his early arrival sibling, it should be noted.

Big sister Sadie is thriving too, thanks to the amazing NICU staff and lots of kangaroo cuddles from her mum.

Big sister, little brother

How mind-boggling that these twins will celebrate their birthdays in completely different months – Sadie in October and Harley in November – and that despite being conceived at pretty much the same time, Sadie is more than four weeks older than her sibling!

A huge congratulations to Danielle and Matthew, and a huge pat on the back to all at Randwick’s Royal Hospital for Women for the amazing care they gave this family.


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