Swoon! This Le Creuset cookware is all your delicious lavender dreams come true

Le Creuset Bluebell Lavender Purple Cookware

Hot on the heels of last year’s pretty pink Le Creuset reveal comes this lavender cookware update for foodies, and it’s fair to say we could not love it any more if we tried!

Le Creuset Bluebell Lavender Purple Cookware

“Magical floral journey”

“Le Creuset’s new lavender collection, whips you off on a magical floral journey through lush lavender fields where the winds blow gently and butterflies float in the soft morning sunshine,” the Le Creuset Singapore folk tell us, and not gonna lie, we’re totally feeling the breezy, butterfly feels! 

A kitchen must-have of the most serious/brand conscious cooks, this so-called “Swiss Army knife of cookware” was a firm favourite of Julia Child and has been spotted in the oven mitts of gastro types like Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver. In short, its pedigree is flawless.

Heritage brand

Le Creuset means “the crucible” and is actually still manufactured in the French town of Fresnoy-le-Grand, 91 years after the first pot was made.

Hatched way back in 1925, by a metal casting expert and an enamelling buff, the pair aimed to create an enamelled dish that would heat evenly and be super durable. They dressed it in a vibrant orange glaze, making it pretty too, and close to 100 years later it comes in thirty or so lovely colours. (Like this new “bluebell” hue, for instance!) It’s still as trusty, gorgeous, sensible and durable as it was in 1925.

Le Creuset Bluebell

Hearts and flowers

Le Creuset’s ultra-covetable new “bluebell” colour range features adorable heart and flower-shaped casserole dishes as well as the brand’s trusty round cast iron pots.

There’s also a bunch of mugs and tea accessories for those partial to a lavender-hued cuppa or three!

Prices range from $16 for a signature mug to $450 for an heirloom-worthy casserole dish.

Snap these gorgeous pieces up online at Le Creuset – or at your favourite local Le Creuset stockist.

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