Swinxs – a new innovation in active and educational gaming


Just when I thought I’d seen everything, along comes
Swinxs, a multi-functional gaming and activity console designed to get your
kids’ bodies moving
and their minds active.

Another brilliant concept from the founder of Bugaboo, the Swinxs will
lure your little computer addicts back into the yard for some
good old-fashioned fun, twenty-first century style. It encourages
social interaction with multiple player activities, and comes with
4 RFID wrist tags for communicating with the console.

This sure is a big leap from the old systems. You can download new
games from the Swinxs site via USB cable – age and content categorised games are free from the website!
There will even be a development forum where people can design and
share their very own Swinxs creations.

It’s designed to go anywhere – take it to the beach, sit it on the grass at the park, or use it indoors. It gives instructions, referees, and even cheers
the kids on!

The sturdy construction houses
a super long-life battery. I can see my sons adoring this when they
reach the right ages – it’s for kids 4+. Oh alright, I’ll admit
it…I’m likely to love it too. Isn’t having children a great excuse
for acting like a kid?

With sporting and educational applications, Swinxs is
due for release in the Netherlands in mid-April. We’ll keep you updated
on a possible Australian release date. Watch the video
below to see
the Swinxs in action.

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