Sweetbeets by name, sweet by nature


I’m as modern as the next mum when it comes to most things. I organise play dates for my kids via SMS. I buy their designer clobber online with the click of a mouse. And the grandparents get their latest brag snaps via email. But I’m very old-fashioned when it comes to marking special occasions. You’ll never find me firing off an email — or worse, a text message – to congratulate a friend on the birth of their baby or some other momentous occasion. And party invites by SMS? I don’t think so.

No, the only acceptable (and truly stylish) way to mark these events is with a proper card. That’s why I’m deliriously happy to have found these letterpress printed cards from Sweetbeets that capture a bit of the innocence of childhood with a twist of nostalgia thrown in for good measure.

The so-sweet line drawings from designer extraordinaire Lisa Zuraw show kids in superhero capes, splashing in puddles, holding balloons, toddling on wobbly legs with a pull-toy or — my favourites — blowing on a dandelion and having a tea party with a stuffed toy. Lisa has also paired numbers, from one to five, with old-fashioned spinning tops, dominoes and other traditional toys in another series of cards perfect for marking birthdays. Or frame the entire set and use them as a rather stunning and original counting frieze to decorate your nursery. Gorgeous.

The cards are printed in Canada on 100 per cent recycled paper using a vintage letterpress and vegetable-based inks. So they’re incredibly eco-friendly as well as incredibly adorable! You can get selected cards in Australia from Three Little Trees for a teeny handful of our own gold coins. 





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