Sweet Paul Magazine – The Kids Issue

Can a big, burly bloke with a bushy beard and arms inked in eye-popping tatts really rock a cupcake and style a party table like no-one’s business? You bet!

Sweet Paul – or Paul Lowe Einlyng, as his teachers called him when he was a kid growing up with his great aunt and grandma in Norway – has just released the latest kids edition of his Sweet Paul magazine. Trust us when we say you’ll want to pounce on this one.


The Kids Issue is total eye-candy, but not in an oh-my-God-I-could-never-do-that kind of way. Every single project and recipe is plenty achievable as well. That’s his mantra – that every last thing in the magazine be doable rather than frustratingly impossible, like so many other craft/cooking projects out there. We totally dig Sweet Paul’s other philosophy that “perfection is boring”, and while it all looks pretty much close to perfect to our untrained eyes, there’s certainly nothing that starts with the ‘b’ word here.

You’ll be hooked on easy craft projects where empty paper rolls become rockets or others that put your kids on a set of puzzle blocks or turn them into dancing paper puppets. The recipes too don’t require a chef’s expertise. Titled Kid Approved Food, the beautifully photographed recipes come from real families, and you get the sense that they certainly must have the thumbs up from real youngsters to make it into the magazine.


What else? Well, there’s super-cool science experiments, tips for decorating kids rooms, an interview with a toy maker and how-to’s for throwing stupendous Wizard of Oz and circus birthday parties. There’s plenty more too, and everything, absolutely everything, comes with a super-sized serve of style. Just like Paul, really. Sweet.

stylish Wizard of Oz birthday party

circus party printables

Now for a quick rundown on Paul, for those who haven’t yet heard of him. Now based in New York, Paul (pictured below) is a wildly popular craft and food stylist who began his march to world domination of the I-can-actually-do-that crafting and cooking scene after starting a blog back in 2007. And yep, that IS a hot glue gun tattooed on his arm!

Paul Lowe

The Kids Issue of Sweet Paul Magazine is free to read online at Sweet Paul or grab a hard copy locally to keep at Cathy Penton Atelier for $19.

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