Sweet morsel jewellery – a real treat for the senses

Believe it or not – this jewellery looks good enough to eat and it smells good enough too!

For someone trying to wean herself off sugar I don’t think these are going to do me any favours. But heck, sugar can wait – these jewellery pieces from Tiny Hands are too sweet to pass up!

Specialising in all things sweet and snack foods, the fabulously talented artist Mei creates some of the most cutest, cleverest polymer clay jewellery pieces I’ve ever seen for little and not so little girls. Necklaces, earrings, rings are amazingly scented true to name – can you imagine spending your day with a faint waft of Shortcake Cookies surrounding you? Bliss!

There are so, so many different teeny tiny designs – a smorgasbord for your senses, we’ve picked a few Babyology favourites from the buffet. The Scented Birthday Cupcake necklace (US$28) would of course make a gorgeous birthday gift and breakfast really will keep you going until lunch time with the super cute Scented Butter and Maple Syrup Waffle necklace (US$28). If quick and easy is more your style, the Scented Cookies ‘n’ Cream Ice-Cream necklace ($US28) will fit the bill nicely!

For lots more eye-candy head on over to Tiny Hands Jewellery.

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