Sweet fun with chocolate Lego

Anime Characters Chocolate Lego

When Valentine’s Day comes around, the usual go-to gifts are roses and chocolate. But like many ladies, I’d prefer something handmade. A gift that’s had some time and thought put into it, rather than grabbing some choccies at the corner store. Now a Japanese designer has taken both handmade and chocolate to a whole new level.

There is a tradition amongst Akihiro Mizuuchi’s friends to recreate characters from a popular Japanese anime tv show for Valentine’s Day. You can see some of their previous creations on their dedicated Facebook page. This year he did something different. “I decided to make lot of chocolate Lego first and then assemble the characters with the chocolate Lego,” Akihiro said.

Chocolate Lego Blocks

He formed a mould using Lego and plotted out the characters he wanted to make on his computer to work out how much he needed. He then poured melted chocolate into the moulds, waited for them to set and started building. Akihiro made different blocks using dark, milk, white and strawberry and also coloured white chocolate green and blue. The chocolate pieces were so detailed you can even see the Lego logo from the mould.

Chocolate Lego

I’ve seen some amazing creations made from Lego before but these are really cool (and tasty). I’m sure chocolate Lego would be a hit in my house, though it wouldn’t last very long!

(via Dezeen)

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