Sweet Chickpea shoes

chickpea pink

As a shoe obsessed woman (and I know I’m not alone here), I’m incredibly disappointed with my daughter’s shoe collection. It’s not that she doesn’t have any – she has heaps – but that none of them have been worn.

When she was first born, I hit the boutiques and spent a small fortune; here we are eight months later, and I’m still yet to find a pair that will stay on longer than one minute.

I reckon the Chickpea shoes ($US44 from Sweet William) might, however. These soft-soled leather shoes are beautiful, sure, but I love that they have serious laces to go with them. I looked at the range in pink, white and red and what grabbed me wasn’t the lovely colours, but how a chubby foot wouldn’t stand a chance of getting out!

I wonder if I should buy a pair just to see if I’m right?

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