A surprising visit with Santa left a little girl feeling better understood

Santa and little girl

When Kelly Jackson headed to the mall with her kids for the annual Santa visit, she could not have known how deeply the trip would impact her little girl.

Santa visit with a difference

Kelly shared her story with the Love What Matters Facebook page, writing that the family had set out hoping to find the perfect kind of Santa to share their Christmas thoughts with.

“Today we took the kids to the Paducah mall to see Santa. We entered praying that Santa would have a real beard. As our 2 littles are on the edge of disbelief. Little did we know that this Santa not only had a real beard but was absolutely magical!”

Kelly’s daughter Lauren realised from the get-go that this Santa was special, after listening in on his chats with other children.

“The little girl in front of our kids had 2 hearing devices and Santa could relate,” Kelly posted, as Lauren shared that she had overheard Santa say that he had a hearing aid too.

Lauren’s little brother Elias talked to Santa first, then it was her turn to sit on Santa’s knee, writes Kelly.

The little girl quickly realised she also had something in common with the jolly gent.

“As he picked her up to set her in his big chair with him I realized he noticed she had a back brace and not knowing the exact words I knew he was discussing it with her. He then leaned forward and Lauren started feeling his back,” Kelly wrote.

Something in common

Kelly’s daughter wears a back brace, and Kelly says it can prove painful for her little girl at times. The emotional mum realised immediately that the pair were bonding over their shared experience.

“I grabbed an ‘elf’ and asked quickly, ‘Does Santa have a back brace?’ ‘Yes!’ She answered. I wanted to cry and explained, ‘My daughter wears one too. And I’m pretty sure he is letting her touch his.”

Kelly says the gentle conversation Lauren had with Santa made a huge impact on her daughter.

“As Lauren discussed toys with Santa I walked over to the exit and turned around to notice they were once again in DEEP conversation. He whispered something in Lauren’s ear and Lauren turned to him with the strongest embrace that lasted for more than your typical Santa hug. He returned one as equal to hers. I was teared up at this point,” the teary mum remembered.

Tears all ’round

It seems they weren’t the only ones deeply affected by this sweet exchange.

“Mrs. Claus came to me and said, ‘I don’t know what’s going on over there, but whatever it is has Santa crying too.’ I explained about the brace and she began to cry herself. Lauren cried just yesterday about her brace hurting as she often does, but today she found out Santa wears a brace too and he told her he knows just how she feels.”

Kelly is certain that there were some magical forces at play on the day of this special visit.

“He could relate to the girl with hearing devices and then could surprisingly relate to a girl with a hidden disability? A back brace? Coincidence? Magic? Tomorrow Santa might not have hearing aides and he might not wear a brace, but today he did. And today he touched some special children, and their parents!”

Thanks to Kelly and Love What Matters for sharing this gorgeous story.

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