Toddler has hilarious question for mum after watching baby sibling breastfeed

Toddler Ava and Mum Ali

An adorable toddler stumbled across her mum breastfeeding her new sibling and quickly ran the gamut of emotions: surprised, worried, upset and then… chocolate!

This girl..LOL

Posted by Stephanie Legut on Monday, 12 June 2017

Wait, what?!

Little Ava is a quick thinker and a critical thinker, skills that will set her in good stead for an excellent and productive life. This trip to see her mum and new sibling in hospital provided some great opportunities to use those smarts for the greater – chocolate-y – good.

When Ava sees her newborn baby sister Hannah feeding from her mother’s breast she’s alarmed, swiftly jumping in to defend her mum’s precious boob. Mum Ali is quick to explain that everything’s okay and that’s just how babies eat. Ava adjusts to the news in the most adorable style – right before our eyes.

“You bite!” Ava scolds as baby Hannah feeds from her mum.

“You don’t bite!” Ava warns her little sister. #BackOffHannah

Mum Ali laughs, obviously touched by her kiddo’s attempts to defend her and aware that a new baby coupled with the surprising concept of breastfeeding are obviously a bit of a steep learning curve for her older child.

“Honey, honey. She’s not biting. That’s just how she eats,” Ali explains patiently.

“It’s okay!”

There’s a pause as Ava ponders this obviously quite foreign and surprising concept.

“Okay?” mum-of-two Ali asks.

“Your boobie!” Ava confirms, quite delighted by the news.

Ali laughs and a bolstered Ava expresses her newfound approval of Hannah and her boobie ways.

“It’s okay. It’s great!” Ava tells her baby sister. “You no need to cry!”

Teaching moment

It’s the perfect teaching moment, and Ali goes all in.

“Do you know what she’s eating from Mum?” Ali asks. “She’s getting milk,” she tells her toddler daughter.

Ava pauses again. Pondering. Thinking. Then she speaks.

“Where’s the chocolate milk at?!” she asks her mum hopefully.

Ali tries to stifle her giggles.

“I don’t see chocolate milk. I don’t see chocolate milk,” she points out as she glances around the room hopefully. “Where’s the chocolate milk at?!” Ava queries again, seeking further confirmation on her mum’s milk reveal and convinced that this baby sister is onto something amazing. Ava wants in.

Naw. This is so cute and a sweet reminder of the steep learning curve a new baby can be – and how big-hearted kids do their level best to accept a new little one.

We hope Ava got her chocolate milk! 

Congratulations to this family on their lovely new arrival.

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