Surprise! Sam and Snez debuted baby Willow on telly today

Sam, Snez and Willow

The Bachelor Australia stars Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski appeared on The Morning Show with Kylie and Larry this morning, and three-week-old daughter Willow made a surprise appearance, much to viewers’ delight.

Sam, Snez and Willow

Family affair

Sam told The Morning Show co-host Larry Emdur that baby Willow was asleep in the studio next to them during the live cross.

“She’s right here next to me, having a little sleep,” Sam said, revealing his firstborn’s middle name is in honour of his late mum, Wendy.

Willow’s the second child for Snez, who has 12-year-old daughter Eve with her former partner. From all accounts, Eve is loving how the family has expanded and is pitching in like a total champ.

“She’s absolutely loving it.” Snez said. “She’s really helping out quite a bit, especially in the mornings.”

“She’s always wanted to be a big sister,” Sam interjected. “I think she was a bit angry it took me so long to get there. She’s loving it.”

Sam, Snez and Willow

Snez says it’s been heartening to see the relationships develop between Sam, Evie and newborn Willow.

“It’s great that they do get along. They’re great mates and Sam’s an amazing role model for Evie. It’s really heartwarming watching them together, and watching all three of them together having fun, going for walks and doing little things. It’s really sweet.

“Dad instincts”

At this point, with some urging from Kylie and Larry, Sam picks a sleeping Willow up and gives her a little on-screen cuddle, much to everyone’s delight.

“He does that all the time,” Snez laughed.

“He hears just the slightest little noise and is like ‘oooh! I’ll pick her up!'”

“The dad instincts have definitely kicked in,” Sam laughed, cuddling his baby and looking understandably chuffed.

Willow, Sam and Snez

“What you can, when you can”

Chatter then turned to fitness, with Snez revealing she worked out using Sam’s program during pregnancy, making some adjustments to allow for her changing body.

“It wasn’t too intense,” Sam confirms. “There were plenty of days off and walks around the block. When you’re pregnant you have to do what you can when you can.”  

The pair are waiting for the okay from doctors at the 6 week postpartum mark, and then Snez is eager to get back into training.

They’re ridiculously cute, right? Australia’s first Bachie baby is a beautiful one.

You can watch the full interview over on Yahoo7.

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