Hubby has the best reaction to news his wife is (FINALLY) pregnant


Prepare to cry happy tears for this couple, as you watch a mum-to-be break the news to her hubby that she is pregnant with their much-longed for baby.

Another pregnancy test, another negative result

California couple Jenny and Bob McGivney had been trying to fall pregnant for a long time without any luck. The night before she filmed her unsuspecting husband in their living room she had taken a pregnancy test and received the heartbreaking news that she still WASN’T pregnant. Little did she know that the very next morning her doctor would deliver her some very different and very exciting news. 

“My OBGYN was having me come in to run some tests on the morning of this video and it turned out I was actually pregnant,” Jenny wrote on the Love What Matters Facebook page accompanied by the video below.

Honey, here’s a fence post

Unable to contain her excitement for long, but also wanting to make the big news extra special for her hubby, Jenny hatched a very quick plan.

With only 30 minutes up her sleeve and a fallen fence picket in the backyard Jenny got to work. She quickly painted one side yellow and marked it as a height measuring chart. Then, armed with the proof from her doctor’s visit, she printed out the picture of her two pregnancy tests, hid the camera and hit record on poor Bob. 

Gasp! Nu-uh … you tricked me!

Next minute we see a confused Bob asking if she painted the fence picket herself while he continues to pull out pink paper from a gift bag. Then he sees the pregnancy results.

You're Going To Be A Dad!

"We wanted to start a family and had been trying with no luck. The night before this video I took yet another pregnancy test which was negative. My OBGYN was having me come in to run some tests on the morning of this video and it turned out I was actually pregnant. When I came home I wanted to tell my husband in a creative way and we had a fence picket in the backyard that had fallen so I quickly picked it up, painted one side yellow and marked it as a height measuring chart, printed out the picture of the two pregnancy tests from my Doctors office and hid the camera. I had about 30 mins to get it done!"#LoveWhatMattersCredit: Jenny McGivney

Posted by Love What Matters on Thursday, 18 May 2017

Happy tears, excited laughter and … swearing?

Okay, admit it. You have goosebumps, tears, or both. It’s such a sweet story, and we can’t stop watching her husband’s reaction. First confusion. Then disbelieving (yes, he just called his future baby mamma a “fuc*er”). And then a big bubbling mess of happiness. The fact that the poor guy keeps asking her “are you sure?” just breaks your heart – clearly it’s been a long road for these two. Jenny goes on to reassure him that yes, she is definitely sure. “I asked them like 50 times!” she confirms in the video.

The video has since garnered over 588,000 views and counting, with many commenters sharing their excitement for the very deserving couple.

“This is one of the best [pregnancy announcements] I’ve ever seen! His excitement is so wonderful! I love how happy and enthusiastic he is, and of course, like every other dad to be, “Are you sure? Are you serious?” I love it! Congratulations!!” wrote one.

“What a great reaction! We tried for two years and when it finally happened, I couldn’t keep it in and called him at work. I so wish I could have kept it in til he was home,” wrote another.

And many more hinting to potential dads-to-be that this is the correct way to respond to such news.

“Now that is how you want your hubby to react when you tell him you are pregnant, all the best to them,” wrote another.

Fast-forward 14 months …

Bob and Jenny are now proud parents to a little boy, with the US mum replying to a well-wisher on Facebook that they are still pinching themselves the video has generated such an outpouring of emotions and support.

“We can’t believe people actually watched this. We have a beautiful 6 month old baby boy named Aiden.”

Congratulations Jenny and Bob! We hope you put that fence-picket-measuring-chart in a safe place and are currently putting it to good use.


Did you surprise your partner with baby news? How did he react?

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