We love this fun, friendly beach playgroup for surf-loving families

“Spend time in the ocean, time with your friends and time with your kids!”

We’re loving the inclusive beachy ethos of the women of Surfing Mums. Not only are they giving wave-riding mums the chance to get out in the water, they’re caring for each others littlies too!

Surf’s up!

This non-profit organisation has put a unique spin on traditional mothers’ groups. They’re making getting active much more achievable for mums with with kids in tow, providing a supportive environment for women to surf or paddleboard in, while their children are safely looked after (and having heaps of fun too!)

The group has its roots in surfing heartland, Byron Bay. Mums Julia and Vanessa were keen to find a way to balance parenting with their beachy passion, and so Surfing Mums Australia was born.

Surfing Mums recognises that finding the time and the opportunity to exercise can be a challenge at the best of times. In response to this, they’re facilitating fun, friendship and fitness for mums and kids across the country, surf-style. It’s proving super popular with parents and groups are popping up all over the place.

Before you get snotty about this being a mum-only type thing, hold your horses. Despite the mum-ish moniker, dads and grandparents are welcome too.


The skinny on Surfing Mums

The secretary of Surfing Mums Australia, Dr Danya Hodgetts recently spoke to the ABC about how this group works.

“You come to the beach once a week and you partner up with another mum — one mum watches your kids and theirs while you go out and have a paddle, and then you go back in and swap over and they get a paddle as well,” Danya explains.

The ABC reports that the Queensland Government has just granted the group some funding which has meant that they could buy a couple of paddleboards and also take surfing lessons at the local surf school.

“The Government has allowed us to subsidise those lessons because the … thing with mums is that money is a little bit tight because quite often you’re working part-time or not at all,” Danya says.

So great to see support flowing in such a worthy direction.


Join the gang?

If all this sounds ridiculously compelling to you, you can find your closest Surfing Mums group here.

It costs $52 for an annual membership. You just need to subscribe to the ethos of surf, sand and support!

If there is no group in your area and you’re keen to get something started, you can contact Surfing Mums and they’ll chat through the process with you.

Basically, Surfing Mums is really rad.

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