Supermum designs superhero hearing device covers for little ones

When UK mum Sarah Ivermee discovered that her friend’s daughter didn’t like wearing her hearing aids because they made her feel different, she set to work coming up with a solution for the family.

The result? Lugs – an ingenious range of colourful covers inspired by the Avengers and other favourite children’s television stars and movie characters. Come and discover the story behind the hearing aid decorations that are giving children a chance to be proud of their uniqueness and showcase their superhero strengths.

lugs 4

What started as a small idea to help a friend has grown into something unexpected, revolutionary and incredibly inspirational.

lugs 10

Ivermee’s son, Freddie has hearing loss in one ear and deafness in the other, and wears both a hearing aid and a cochlear implant, an electronic device that sends sound signals to the brain. But while Freddie has been always happy to keep both his devices on, many other children feel self-conscious wearing them.

lugs 9

“We did some research and found there was not a lot available to improve the look of hearing devices and decided there must be something we could do. From this, Lugs were born!” Ivermee explains on her website.

Lugs 1

Lugs Kits include vinyls, stickers and PVC charms to decorate hearing aids and cochlear implants.

lugs 2

They come in Marvel characters such as Ironman, the Hulk, Batman, Superman, Thor, Wolverine and Spiderman as well as popular television characters including the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dora the Explorer and Hello Kitty.

lugs 3

Invermee has cochlear implant and hearing aid kits for children of all ages, with  In the Night Garden, Winnie the Pooh and Thomas the Tank Engine for the young ones and Minecraft, Angry Birds and Pirates of the Caribbean for the older crowd.

lugs 7

There are even decorations with Peppa and George from Peppa Pig, Lightning McQueen and Mater from Cars, the minions from Minions and Woody from Toy Story.

lugs 6

And… yes, she has made a Frozen one too.

lugs 5

In the past few weeks, Lugs Kits have completely sold out and Ivermee has been inundated with requests for both child and adult hearing aid kits. Ivermee writes on the Lugs Facebook page, “I never expected Lugs to become anything like what it has”.

lugs 8

Congratulations to this Supermum who has captured the attention of the world and provided children around the globe with the opportunity to feel special for all the right reasons.

lugs 11

(via Mashable)

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