Super plaiting mum shares her secrets to braiding hair

Most little girls I know love having their hair plaited (like Elsa). But one mum is taking her love of braiding to new levels with her sensational plaiting skills. Check out these incredible braids by Shelley Gifford (and find out how you can do them yourself).

braiding 2

Grace Gifford is one lucky little girl – she quite possibly has one of the best braiders in Australia as a mum.

Every morning Grace and mum Shelley start their day with a braiding session at their Melbourne home. Sure, it takes time and dedication, but, as Shelley explains, it’s also a great bonding experience before the mad rush of the day.

braiding 3

Shelley has loved braiding since she was a little girl, but she transformed this passion into pure plaiting delight in 2014 by watching tutorials and discovering the fine art of braiding via social media.

With Grace as her model, she has mastered all types of braids. She started her own Facebook and Instagram pages, Pretty Little Braids and has been featured on websites around the globe.

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Babyology spoke to Shelley who agreed to share her secrets to plaiting success.

First of all, choose a braid that you like. Shelley starts with the classic and stylish French braid which is a good one for beginners to try.

braiding 6

Next, watch braid tutorials. Video tutorials will give you step by step detailed instructions.

braiding 7

Shelley recommends that beginner braiders practice on themselves (in front of a mirror) and on others. For complicated and time consuming styles, practice on a hair mannequin.

braiding 8

“Braiding can be fiddly and frustrating at any level,” Shelley tells Babyology. “Have patience when you are trying a new style. The rewards when you get it right far out way the frustration of creating it. Enjoy it and don’t be so hard on yourself.”

When mastering tight braids, style hair wet or spray with water and contain flyaways with hairspray or gel.

braiding 5

For looser braids, Shelley suggests, “braid your hair the night before for a more relaxed look the following day.”

pretty braids 15

Check out all the beautiful braiding styles at Pretty Little Braids and have a look at our easy back to school hairdos for even more on trend tresses.

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