Super gran makes awesome ‘drive-in’ movie theatre for her grandkids

Stuck for ideas on how to entertain the kids this weekend? Check out this awesome mini backyard ‘drive-in’ cinema a grandmother from Ohio created for her grandkids last Sunday – #parentinggoals!

Grandma gets busy

Forget about just knitting scarves and baking cupcakes – this granny is ALL OVER IT. Taking grandparenting coolness to new heights. Sherry Pratt of New Jackson, Ohio decided to kick things up a notch last week by creating an epic outdoor ‘drive-in’ cinema for her six grandchildren and their friends.

Using an inflatable movie screen and individually painted boxes acting as cars for each child, no detail was too small for the 49-year-old. The cardboard cars even featured personalised number plates and goodie boxes for each child to enjoy – popcorn, candy, corndogs and juice were among the snacks included inside.

Inspiration nation

Pratt’s 18 year-old niece, Jessie Woods, posted pictures from the cute ‘drive-in’ to her Twitter account which was an instant hit with people everywhere loving the gran’s creation.

“My aunt made a “drive-in” for all the kids in the family and this is exactly how extra I want to be when I’m older,” said Jessie on her post. In just a few days the photos have received almost 200,000 likes.

Doing it for the kids

According to Pratt, her six grandchildren are all off school at the moment and she was looking for fun ways she could help entertain them with her husband.

As she told ABC News: “I was scrolling on Amazon one night and saw these movie projectors and it hit me,” said the grandma. “I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be fun to have an outdoor movie night?’ So I made these cars out of these little boxes for them. My son is a graphic designer, so I had him make the license plates with their names. Things just kept popping in my head to make it like a real drive-in. We just invited anybody who could make it. I think we had 12 children there.”

Making magical memories

The motive behind this grandma’s cool craftiness? Creating memories for the kids in her family that they will remember for years to come.

“I just like to build memories for them so they can remember as we get older,” Pratt told ABC News. “Our family means a lot to us and we try to do things with the kids. That’s what I like to do best.”

High fives all round for this groovy grandma!

Given it’s winter in Australia at the moment, if you are keen to give the backyard cinema idea a whirl this weekend just make sure you rug up the kids warmly. You might also want to include a blanket and hot chocolate in their little car too!

Have you done anything super cool or crafty for your kids lately?


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