Super Colossal Cubby House – a mini metropolis


We’re loving this prototype for a
‘Sustainable room’   from Sydney architects at
Super Colossal.
Designed for the Sydney Design
and Decoration trade show held at the beginning of February, it starts
off as a flat pack and is constructed into an eyepopping room
with skyscraping towers at irregular angles. Faced with this in my
backyard, I think I’d regress right back to childhood and gleefully
explore it as fervently as my toddler would!

The team at Super Colossal even designed a pamphlet to go with it,
with a cut out so you can make your own miniature.
Click on the yellow pamphlet on the SC site and download a PDF if you
want to make one. They even suggest that the cardboard could be
embedded with seeds so that the cubby can biodegrade outside whilst
contributing to the garden. It’s not made to last forever –
The aim was to produce a cheap and ecologically sustainable product
that can be used as long as it’s wanted, or just until the next

update has
been given on the demise of the prototype. With all the rain Sydney has
had, it met a gluggy end! Sounds like that event was as much
of an opportunity for fun as the actual cubby was.
They’re looking at making a somewhat smaller, parent-friendly version
for production that could easily fit in the boot of a car.

The comments below the article are well worth a read. Within them
are links to the design inspiration the team drew from for the project.
It’s so exciting to see a team dedicated to ‘reckless urban optimism’ –
the philosophy behind Super Colossal. Kudos to
this local architectural thinktank – you can almost feel the future
resonating in that amazing cubby! If it goes into production, it’ll surely imprint on our young potential architect’s minds.


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