Style and sustainability

It’s what Enfant
are all about — helping the eco-minded parent find the good
amongst all the bad when it comes to children’s products. A great
sentiment we should all keep in mind, but I somehow don’t see my little
man giving up his new plastic electric guitar, no matter how much of a carbon
footprint was left behind in its manufacture!

However, I do think he would like the Knitted
— beautifully handcrafted by a Bolivian woman’s
cooperative, it is not only a great educational tool to interest your child in
geography — it has all the continents labelled and more besides —
it also doubles as a great soft ball to throw around indoors. Approx.
30cm from Pole to Pole, you may decide just to use it for decoration in your
child’s nursery and bring down for special occasions — such as
pointing out places you are planning to travel to — you’re never
too young to join the jet set. Uh oh.. then you have all those
environmental issues with travel.. A 21st Centure conundrum your
child will have to deal with later in life, for now, it’s a fun, unique
and imaginative toy.

sells for CAD $134 direct from Enfant Terrible’s Canadian
website. While there, also check out the stunning maple
designed by Kay Bojeson for Rosendahl. Retailing for CAD
$275, it will be destined to become a beautiful family heirloom with its patina
only improving over the years in the hands of a child.



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