Stunning images show twins kissing in the womb

You’ve heard about the magical bond that twins share – but how many parents get to witness it before they are even born?

Incredible ultrasound captures twins kissing

When proud parents-to-be, Carissa Gill and and her boyfriend Randy went along for a routine ultrasound for their twin pregnancy, they didn’t expect this amazing result!

The lucky couple got to witness something very special in their 4D ultrasound, as their precious baby girls put on a glorious display for the cameras, cuddling up to each other and ‘kissing’ repeatedly throughout the scan.

Carissa, who is 25 weeks pregnant, shared the astounding image on Instagram with the caption: “If only I was @beyonce and this photo would go viral in seconds”… well, she got her wish! The photo has been liked over 3,000 times in the five days since it was posted.

Baby names revealed

Carissa says, “It was hard not to be so thankful during this moment. I am legit so blessed and can’t wait to meet our two precious princesses.”

She also shared a photo of one twin kissing the other on the cheek, revealing the names they have chosen for their precious baby girls. “Isabella giving her sissy Callie a kiss on the cheek.”

Rude comments left on photo

Sadly, while most of the comments have been supportive and kind, Carissa reveals that she has received some negative feedback about her photos. 

“I am so overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received for these two precious babies and the ultrasound that I shared with all of you. I know some of the comments were rude but a whole lot were so sweet and so nice!! So thank you to everyone who showed some love.”

Honestly, don’t people have anything better to do than leave nasty comments on a mum’s gorgeous photo? Sometimes it seems that people completely forget their manners when commenting on something they see online. Glad to see Carissa is rising above the negativity and enjoying her pregnancy regardless. Go mama!

We wish Carissa and Randy all the best with the rest of their pregnancy. What a great story and beautiful photos they’ll have to share with their girls when they are a little older. 

(Top image from Fetal Vision Imaging/Instagram)

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