Stuffed ‘Aminals’ – the toy that looks like your kid drew it!

When my first child was born, I was adamant that my house would not become home to a tribe of generic-looking stuffed animals. It did anyway, of course, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have minded so much if these little guys had been on the market back then.

Anything but generic-looking, this tribe of stuffed ‘aminals’ certainly have the familiar touch. They’ve been inspired by kids’ drawings and if you have a little artist at home, you’ll recognise the exaggerated lines and colours (and interesting spelling!). Each comes with his own story as well. There’s a whole family of them, complete with pets – although perhaps the kind of pets your children want and you don’t: ‘eflant’, ‘dinasor’ and ‘liun’.

Aminals are especially huggable because they’re made from organic cotton and use only natural vegetable dyes. In fact, the company is so environmentally friendly that their website even includes instructions for your kids on how to compost their Aminal once it has been loved to death!

These have just arrived in Australia and can be found at Hunt and Gather for $35.

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