Strengthen the prenatal bond with Bellybuds

Countless studies have shown that babies respond to music in the womb. Read on to discover how you can bond with your unborn child and impose your music collection on them right from the get-go!

An unborn child begins to hear from around eighteen weeks and has fully functional hearing from the third trimester. A great way for some early mother-baby bonding might be to indulge in some discrete daily music or story telling – straight from your iPod to your womb with Bellybuds.

Gather your favourite songs or whatever catchy tune the kids are all singing to load up your iPod (or mp3 player), plug in and attach your Bellybuds to your baby bump and you’re good to go (or groove!).

Completely safe, Bellybuds have been limited to a safe volume level and your embryonic fluid rather amazingly acts as a sound conductor. Not only for music, I love that even voice recordings can be played to your unborn child which may well help with voice recognition after baby is born.

Bellybuds are priced $49 and available from Bellybuds.

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