Strangers come to the aid of young mum and her sick newborn baby

Here’s a story to restore your faith in the kindness of strangers and the power of social media to do good. When young mum Kaylee Goemans had to rush her newborn son to the hospital, she was overwhelmed. Having a sick infant in hospital is stressful enough, but Kaylee also worried about how to refill her parking meter so her car wouldn’t get towed.

Not wanting to leave her son’s side, she took to social media to ask for help – posting on her local Facebook Buy, Sell and Swap page to see if anyone was in the area and might put a few coins in the machine for her.

Within minutes the comments started pouring in. “Women started asking what car I drove and where I was parked to put change in for me,” Kaylee tells Today.

goemans baby

Goemans, who lives in Ontario, Canada and is a mum of three, admits she is struggling financially and would have been hard-pressed to afford a car-towing fee. But the kindness of strangers and the power of social media prevailed.

While she was cradling six-week-old Dominic in the emergency department, women in her hometown were stopping by the street to feed her meter so she would have one less thing to worry about.

Nine hours and more than 100 comments later, Goemans left the emergency department with her newborn, who was diagnosed with intussusception, a painful and dangerous bowel disorder and a heart murmur. She arrived to her car to discover a full parking meter and not a ticket in sight.

“My day was turned upside down when I was told to go to the ER immediately,” says the 27-year-old mum. “And the stress of seeing so many doctors, poking and hooking your baby up to wires and drawing blood, is just heartbreaking.”

goemans baby3

While social media certainly has its flaws, it’s stories like this that show cyber communities can be incredibly beneficial and that a few handfuls of small change can make all the difference to a family in need.

Wishing the Goemans all the best and a speedy recovery for little Dominic as he undergoes surgery in the coming weeks.

(via Today, images via Facebook)

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