Stop fruit & vegetable wastage with Food Huggers


For most families the groceries eat up a large chunk of the weekly family budget – and there’s nothing worse than fruit and veg turning bad before you’ve had a chance to use them. These nifty food savers are designed to keep fruit and veg fresher for longer – and as a bonus, banish those bad fridge smells!

Like so many amazing ideas, Food Huggers were funded through a Kickstarter campaign. They are the creation of a former industrial designer, Michelle, and her marketing guru friend, Adrienne.


The silicone food savers create a tight seal when they are placed onto leftover fruit and veggies. There a few different sizes which can work for all manner of fresh produce, you just choose the size that best fits the leftover.


What’s also great about Food Huggers is that they can also be used to cover open cans and jars.


A set of four Food Huggers is $US14.99, a set of two Avocado Huggers is US$9.99, plus postage.

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