Stop everything. Baby pumpkin butts are the cutest thing ever!

Baby pumpkin butt

Oh my. In possibly the cutest online trend we’ve ever seen, parents are painting pumpkins on their babies’ tushies, and it’s roll over and die adorable!

The trend is going berserk on Instagram right now, and we just had to share it with you.

Here are some of our favourite pumpkin bums! Will you be pulling out the orange paint and taking a snap or your littlie this Halloween? Even if you don’t share it, it’s a very cute idea for the family photo album.

Double trouble

Got twins? Then you have a doubly cute Instagram pic! You could even do this one when you get together with your mother’s group – talk about cuteness overload. 

Spot the difference

We love how the giant pumpkins in this pic remind us just how teeny our tots, and their squishy little bottoms, really are. 

Tummy time

“I like pumpkin butts and I can not lie!” This mum has turned her baby’s tummy time into a photo op, but we’re just hoping bubba doesn’t practice his rolling any time soon. That paint still looks wet!    

Pumpkin patch

Ah, the cute! This little guy looks like he quite enjoyed having his buttock painted, standing still long enough for his mum to paint the perfect pumpkin and also snap a photo that’s worthy of a frame.

Just roll with it

“Sure, my mum is painting my behind orange for some strange reason, but I have a pumpkin to roll, so it’s all gooood!”

When you’re too tiny for this trend!

Hahaha, this little cherub is only five weeks old and soooo teeny! Still, there’s no reason he can’t be a pumpkin with this clever mum holding up a mini version of the vegetable right where she would have painted one on if he was a little older. So sweet. 

Are your ovaries also aching after seeing these baby pumpkin butts?! We can’t handle the cute here in the Babyology office. 

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