I still breastfeed my two-year-old: Canada’s First Lady Sophie Grégoire Trudeau speaks out for breastfeeding mums

The world already loves Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his progressive views, his sympathy towards refugees and his swarthy good looks. Here’s why we should all be in love with his wife.

Every country has one – a Royal family.

Before the Obamas there were the Kennedys in America. Before the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, there was Prince Charles and Princess Diana in the UK. Australia? Well, we have the Hewitts. In Canada, the political spotlight has quickly returned to the Trudeau name.

truds 2

At the age of 44, Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau is the one of the youngest Prime Minsters in the world. His wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, 40,  recently sat down with American news anchor Katie Couric to discuss her new role and what it means to be the “wife of the Prime Minister”.

What we discovered is that Grégoire Trudeau – pictured below with her family and the Obamas during a recent US tour – is a passionate person, a loving wife and a caring mother who puts her three young children first, even if she now has one of the most famous faces in Canada.

truds 1

Celebrity status hasn’t gone to Sophie’s head as she speaks casually and eloquently about issues concerning eating disorders, women’s rights and breastfeeding her two-year-old son. She speaks with warmth, candour and humility that is both encouraging and welcoming.

As Couric comments, breastfeeding “seems to insight all kinds of opinions.”

“I think it’s a woman’s choice,” Grégoire Trudeau replies with confidence. “I breastfed my three babies. I also gave them formula. I don’t judge.”

And while it may seem like breastfeeding beyond the age of two is not a choice many mums make, it is one that Sophie is proud of.

“Yes there are the scientific facts that prove breast milk is amazing. If I can continue to feed my child, I’m not going to stop. I think it’s a beautiful bond, and I encourage it, but I don’t judge.”

Sophie ends with a smile and a word of advice to all mums, “Come on, find your own balance.”

After all, every mother has the right to choose what’s best for her children, even if the entire world is watching you.

Watch the full interview at Yahoo.

(via Yahoo, images via Facebook)

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