Start the day your own way with Cerealize custom cereal

Picture this –  mornings filled with Sultana Bran minus the sultanas, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes minus the crunchy nuts or getting really crazy and demanding no sugar at all in your kids’ breakfast cereal of choice. You can have it all and more with Cerealize.

Well you can if you pack up your Aussie home and move to America, where the folk at Cerealize have dared to dream the dream of customised cereal. There are certainly a fair share of cereals on our supermarket shelves that would taste better with a little more of something and a little less of something else, not to mention the fussy eaters of the family.

Cerealize let you mix your own cereal right from the start – you can choose your base from bran, mini cookies, puffed wheat – just to name a few – and then add extras like nuts, fruit, seeds, even cayenne pepper if you so desire. You simply select your ingredients to be mixed, place your order and Cerealize mix it, bag it and send it out to your kitchen!

Cerealize currently only ship within the United States but we’d still love to hear what you think. Do you have super fussy kids or adults when it comes to cereal. Would you jump at a chance to design your own?

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