Rey is on the way – Star Wars Monopoly adding female character after complaint from an 8yo

The heroine of the new Star Wars blockbuster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was left out of the Star Wars Monopoly board game. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Carrie Goldman posted a letter on Twitter written by her daughter, Annie Rose, asking why Hasbro left out one of the main characters in the film, Rey. The game includes game pieces for Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Finn and Kylo Ren – but no Rey.

Social media was quick to catch on the missing piece with ‘where’s Rey?’ tweets, status updates and messages to manufacturer Hasbro trending. “Well I mean, why would Rey be in the Monopoly edition of the film she is the heroine of? Madness!” tweeted Femmes in the Fridge. Tweeted another: “Rey is missing from the new Star Wars Monopoly and this is becoming a real problem” and “Star Wars Monopoly game is now for sale. But #wheresRey?” says Let Toys Be Toys.

star wars

But it wasn’t until the eight-year-old’s mum posted a pic of her daughter’s handwritten letter did Hasbro really take notice.

“How could you leave out Rey? Without her there is no force awakens! It awakens in her! And without her, the bad guys would have won!” Annie Rose writes. “Besides, boys and girls need to see women can be as strong as men! Girls matter! Boy or girl, who cares? We are equal, all of us!”

Hasbro responded by saying it didn’t want the game – released in September last year and months before the movie’s release – to contain any spoilers, so it did not include Rey. The toy company has since said it will add the new piece this year.

“Rey was not included to avoid revealing a key plot line that she takes on Kylo Ren and joins the Rebel Alliance,” Hasbro says in a statement.

But fans weren’t buying Hasbro’s excuse for omitting the lead character, calling it a “lame excuse” and pointing out that Rey “was all over the trailers” and “female characters have always been underrated”.  “Baloney. You are in the business to make money…you won’t bank on a female lead,” says Nicole Antonio Carro.

Hasbro says Rey is part of the Star Wars editions of Hands Down, Guess Who and Chess and she has her own action figures.

Carrie and Annie Rose are just glad the new token will be included soon. “We can’t wait to open Monopoly and say ‘there’s Rey’,” Carrie says.

(images via @io9 and @CarrieMGoldman on Twitter)



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