Stamptastic – make name labelling fantastic

personalised stamp

personalised stamp

I always start the new school year in an anxiety fuelled panic. I typically forget to secure a fresh marker before all the other mums and the name labels I bought last year are still missing in their super-safe-the-kids-will-never-find them spot. But a stamp, yes I can do that.

Stamptastic is about to make my January a whole lot less stressful. With a custom made stamp, I can name everything with ease. No more sewing or ironing labels on, no more smudged black markers and not to mention labelling tricky things like swimming goggles and pencils!

Stamptastic will make you a personalised stamp with up to twenty characters that is usable on just about everything – fabric, metal, wood and plastic. Each order includes an ink pad so there’s no need to source one separately. Stamping is so quick and easy, it can easily be something you leave the kids to do themselves, leaving you more time to battle with the traumatic task of covering books.

One Stamptastic stamp costs £16.99, with a discount for additional stamps in the same order and delivery is only £3.50 to Australia.

personalised stamp

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